Welcome to the Thrilling World of Lifesteal SMP!

Embark on an exciting adventure with Lifesteal SMP, a unique multiplayer server that provides a fresh perspective on classic Minecraft gameplay.

Our ever-growing community of players awaits you in the exhilarating realm of Public Lifesteal SMP.

Experience the Innovative Lifesteal Mechanic

In Lifesteal SMP, the gameplay revolves around a distinctive "lifesteal" mechanic that sets it apart from other Minecraft servers. Every time you kill another player, you steal their health and add it to your own; however, if you die, you will lose a heart. Be careful, lose too many hearts and your account will be temporarily banned. This engaging feature introduces a new level of excitement and strategy to the game.

Join the Adventure: Lifesteal SMP Server IP and Lifesteal SMP IP

Ready to join? Simply input the Lifesteal SMP server IP or Lifesteal SMP IP into your Minecraft client to begin your journey.

Our server supports both Java and Bedrock editions, ensuring that players from all platforms can enjoy the action-packed realms of Lifesteal SMP Bedrock and Java.

Use the following information to connect:

  • IP: lifesteal.smp-server.com
  • Port (Java): 25565
  • Port (Bedrock): 19132

Discover the Exciting World of Public Lifesteal SMP

Don't miss out on this unparalleled multiplayer experience! With a welcoming community and endless entertainment, Public Lifesteal SMP is the perfect destination for both new and seasoned Minecraft players.

Gather your friends and join the adventure today!

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